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About the Author

Ian has always had a passion for writing whether it was songs, books, essays, or even just grocery lists.  Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, he lives a quarter mile from his childhood home with his wife and four little monsters of his own. 


Writing children's books has been a passion for as long as he can remember and with the completion of his first book "The (not-so-scary) Book of Monsters", the pieces finally came together to create a product he was thrilled to see come to life.  His wife runs a daycare and the kids are an integral part of the creation process because he has the advantage of an in-house focus group. He is inspired by the joy on the children's faces when they see a new monster he has created and when they let him know which one is their favorite.


When he's not locked away writing, Ian enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing other creative endeavors.

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